Going vertical: how one company is redefining the value of clothes. - Devold New Zealand

Going vertical: how one company is redefining the value of clothes.

Since 1853, Devold has been known for producing high quality woolen garments. But beneath the brand lies a story of value, sustainability and a love for the land. 

Sarah Perriam, owner of Devold’s New Zealand store says a key point of difference is the  supply chain model. “Devold is rooted in a sense of quality. Our wool comes from just 13 carefully selected Devold growers across New Zealand. The wool is then inspected and passed by our own brokers, then transported to our own oeko-tex certified factory in europe.” she said. 

Perriam, who’s husband hails from Bendigo Station (part of the Devold grower family) says the model means there is clear oversight throughout the garment making process. “By managing the entire process we are able to ensure measures remain in place for the quality of the wool, the welfare of the animals and the working conditions of our factory staff,” Perriam added.

“We can tell our consumers not only who made their clothes and where they came from, but really drill down into details like where the farm is, how many sheep they have and how the animals are treated,” she continued.

And being able to offer this kind of emotional attachment to an item of clothing is priceless in an era of fast fashion and over consumption.  

“What we are trying to do is redefine how clothes are manufactured from the ground up. It starts with the health of the land, the welfare of the sheep and then moves into how we transport out wool and spin the yarn into garments. Because we manage the entire vertical model we can do things like ship all the wool at once to reduce our carbon footprint, or transport only by sea and land,” says Perriam. 

This is the future of fashion, and we are proud to be at the forefront,” she finished. 

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