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Traceable Merino Wool Clothing - Sheep To Shop

We launched our “Sheep to Shop” programme in 2017 with a pledge of full traceability and total transparency at every step of our value chain.


Today, all wool is traceable right down to the farm from which it came, and more than half of our products carry the label of the farm from which the wool came. This allows us to reassure our customers that the clothes they’ve purchased have been manufactured with care for both the animals and the planet alike, and that they can wear our clothes with pride and in good conscience.


Devold has been synonymous with quality since 1853. But today, quality concerns far more than strong-wearing clothes and exquisite design. Quality is also about operating in the right way – from the sheep growing the wool, to the final product. There are no shortcuts and no secrets. Just a promise of full insight into our value chain, and a promise that you can wear Devold with a clear conscience.

In our endeavours over 167 years to produce the very best woollen clothing, we have worked continuously to become even better at what we do


100% traceability

All Devold clothing is traceable, with over 60 % being traceable all the way down to the farm where the wool came from. Our garments carry the name of the farm that produced the wool. This means you can be sure that your wool is produced ethically.

Unique quality control

Devold is committed to long-term contracts with a select few farmers. This solid relationship gives the farmer predictability and ensures that we obtain quality wool that meets our stringent requirements.

Our factory

The factory has been in our ownership ever since inception. If you buy Devold, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the people who have produced your clothes are people working in a good working environment.

Devold's Own Wool Production Factory