Devold on wool: three reasons this homegrown super fibre is all you ever need outdoors. - Devold New Zealand

Devold on wool: three reasons this homegrown super fibre is all you ever need outdoors.

With its superior breathability, moisture wicking and antibacterial properties there is no denying wool is the ultimate garment for outdoor adventuring this summer.  Yes, you heard right, summer. We all know wool keeps you warm, but what isn't commonly known is that wool actually keeps you cool. And dry, and odor free. I mean what more could you wish for in a garment? Luckily, here at Devold we live and breathe wool. So here’s three reasons why we think wool is a superior choice.

It allows your body to breathe 

The superior properties of this natural superfibre mean that wool breathes with your body. Merino can absorb large amounts of moisture or sweat and then simultaneously allow it to evaporate, meaning your garments move with your body and remain comfortable. Our performance garments are 100 percent merino wool and tencel combined, meaning they are sustainable as well as superior. 

It is naturally thermo-regulating

Unlike plastic based synthetics, wool is a natural, active fibre that reacts to your body’s temperature, keeping you cool in the heat or warm when it’s cold. In fact, Wool is the ideal choice for running when it's hot because it conducts heat away from the skin making it two times cooler than comparable synthetic fabrics - a key reason none of the Devold garments contain plastic. 

It keeps odor at bay

Merino wool has natural moisture wicking properties meaning you sweat less, and smell better both during and after your run. Merino locks away odor molecules and absorbs moisture vapor so your body retains both warmth and freshness for even those longer runs. 

So whatever the weather, regardless of the adventure, choose wool for enhanced comfort and performance.