But won't wool make me hot in the summer? Actually, it wont. - Devold New Zealand

But won't wool make me hot in the summer? Actually, it wont.

When the weather warms up, it’s natural to reach for cotton or linen (or maybe even bamboo depending on how fancy you are). I mean it’s just something ingrained in us: cotton for heat, wool for warmth, right? wrong. When the mercury hits 30 I’m wearing merino and you should be too. 

Yes, merino. Wool. The ultimate garment for warmth. Skeptical? I don’t blame you. But before you up-and-click-away, hear me out ok? 

I swear I'm not making it up, there is actual solid science behind my choice. Let me elaborate. Wool is nature's superfibre. It’s known for its superior breathability meaning it can absorb and evaporate moisture in one go allowing your garments to move with your body and remain comfortable. It also creates a tiny micro climate between your skin and the fabric, reacting to your body’s temperature. The right wool will keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. 

What do I mean by the right wool? So glad you asked. Without getting too science-y, wool is measured in microns, which equates to the thickness of the strand. As an example, 15.5 microns or less equates to light-as-a-feather merino, whereby 23 microns would represent a jumper for arctic conditions. 

Ok, back to my one thousand and one reasons why wool is great for the heat. As wool is able to be woven less densely than cotton, it not only increases airflow, but conducts heat away from the skin (making it two times cooler than comparable synthetic fabrics).

Wool is also odor free, making it perfect for those long multi day hikes. Merino also has natural moisture wicking properties meaning you sweat less, and smell better. Merino locks away odor molecules and absorbs moisture vapor so your body retains both warmth and freshness. I mean, what more could you want on a sweaty run? 

Full disclosure, this blog is sponsored by Devold, so obviously wool is our arena. But we believe in our products and know you'll love them as much as we do. Not convinced? Pop into our Wanaka store at 139 Ardmore street or head online to devoldwanaka.co.nz and see for yourself.