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The Expedition ARCTIC hood is made for extreme weather conditions and proven on several polar expeditions. This means that all the solutions have been thoroughly tested under the toughest conditions, and every feature has a purpose.

The Expedition ARCTIC insulates extremely well and has a unique ability to transport moisture. The inner layer and next-to-skin are made of 100% Merino wool, while the outer layer is 90% Aqueduct- treated Merino wool, combined with 10% polyamide to improve durability and wicking effect.The unique Aqueduct Merino wool developed by Devold is specifically designed to transport moisture away from the inside of the fabric -and the body- to the outer surface where it evaporates.

The Features:

In front you have a kangaroo pocket, placed above the waistline, and below the chest-area for keeping batteries warm and providing easy access to equipment. The pocket is developed with a closing-system to prevent items from falling out.

The articulated & close-fitted hood is developed for protecting face and chin against cold temperatures and has included eyelets for improved ventilation and perspiration. This prevents the face-protection from getting wet from the moisture you breath out and can be crucial when the temperatures drop.

The hand-gaiters are long and in double layer fabric with flexible thumbholes that fits comfortable around the wrist and hand.

All seams are flatlock to avoid any unnecessary abrasion.Because in extreme conditions, every detail becomes crucial.

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